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Angel of the Winds Casino The Watershed Lounge at "The Angel" is a comfortable, welcoming place to listen, dine, and dance, and it is also a fully professional venue, with a full time sound crew on staff, a kickass PA system, pro stage lighting, a giant dance floor, and great service. The Monday 55+ Club a.k.a.
Fat Monday Power Blunch The Angel has the usual weekend late-night entertainment offerings, plus music or comedy on Wednesday and Thursday nights. But the Monday lunchtime 55+ Club is a unique experience. For over 5 years now, the casino has presented four hours of live dance music every Monday between 11am and 3pm. Whenever we play there, we call it the Fat Monday Power Blunch. However, they call it the "55+ Club," but you don't have to be 55 to enjoy lunch with live music and maybe dance off a few fries before you leave. You only have to be 55 years old to enter the cash prize drawings. Cash Prizes? We play a gig that literally gives away cash! (And pays the band well, too, thanks!) They get a very nice regular crowd, but the only reason the place isn't packed to the rafters every week with AARP-eligible folks (like us) harvesting free cash, is that it happens from 11am to 3pm on Mondays. They give away a total of $500 in cash prizes every Monday, with a drawing at the top of every hour. Four chances to win, and really, not that many people actually enter the drawings, and anyway, your chances are 100% better than anything else in the building, because it's free! And, of course, there's live music ... You just need to get a free players card ("The Experience Club"), then sign in for the cash drawings when you arrive. Food & Gas, too! But wait, threre's more! Even if you're not 55, with the player's card you can get $5 off meals, and $0.07 per gallon off at their gas pumps. I always fill up after a gig. None of this requires any gambling. 
But gambling is always available. You should take a long lunch some Monday ... preferably when we're there!
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