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Why I love playing the casino Frankly, I never thought I would. But it turns out that the On the Rocks Lounge is a really great place to play. In fact, it's one of the best live music venues I've ever played. And, the casino has the resources to support the community far more than most venues ever could. Members of the Stillaguamish tribe are the main beneficiaries, of course, but the entire region benefits from increased economic activity, hosted events like the wonderful annual Festival of the River, and community sponsorships both large and small. They recently became titular sponsor of the Angel of the Winds arena in Everett, and at the same time are expanding the casino … a lot! Oh, and they pay the bands well, too. I truly appreciate all of it. =Mark

Where We Play

Angel of the Winds Casino A Monday Gig? The Fat Fridays was initially a recording project, but after spending our Mondays in the studio for a couple of years, a groovy gig at Angel of the Winds came up … also on Mondays, starting at 11am! We were available! Each band member plays in at least two other bands (or five), so it’s hard booking The Fat Fridays on weekends. (Fun fact: The Fat Fridays have not played on a Friday since 2016, the year we started playing at the casino!) On the Rocks Lounge (Formerly the Watershed Lounge) It's a comfortable place to listen, dine, and dance. It is also a professional venue, with an excellent full-time sound crew, a kickass PA system, pro stage lighting, a giant dance floor, and great service. And it's not in the middle of slot machines; the casino is … over there ... not in your face, but readily available between sets. Did I mention the awesome sound crew? 55+ Club The casino has stuck with the Monday gig for years, and it has become a unique and reliable local venue for dancers (and bands). The dancers support it; a regular crowd that would be great on a weekend, much less midday Monday! Note: Just because they call it the "55+ Club" doesn't mean 21-year-olds can’t enjoy lunch & music, and maybe dance off a few fries before they leave. One only needs be 55 to enter the hourly cash prize drawings. Wait, Cash Prizes? We play a gig that literally gives away cash; a total of $500 in cash prizes, with a drawing at the top of every hour starting at 11am. Five chances to win. All you need is a free Experience Club card, then sign in at the desk when you arrive. You don't need to be 55 to get the card, just to enter the drawings. Food & Gas, too! Once you have the card, you can get $5 off your meals, and a 7-cent (or more) discount per gallon at their gas pumps. They also have charging stations for EVs, plug-in hybrids, and Teslas. Come do Blunch with Us! None of this requires any gambling. But gambling is always available. You should take a long lunch some Monday ... preferably when we're there!

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