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About the Band

What do The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, Bob Dylan, and Steely Dan have in common? One of The Fat Fridays' sets! How about Eagles, Bob Marley, James Brown, Billie Holliday, Blood Sweat & Tears, and Van Morrison? Yep! The Fat Fridays play listening music for dancing. Or just for listening ... The musicianship is top-notch, life-long veterans of stage and studio. The music ranges from classic pop to original, from acoustic-electric jazz to kickass rock, all with a rock-solid foundation. The repertoire is heavily seeded with 60s and 70s pop music, including tribute-band-quality covers of hits, but the band also plays songs folks haven't heard a million times, plus "derangements" of popular classics, forgotten gems, and dynamic originals. The band can entertain a crowd of discerning listeners or keep a dance floor busy for hours. They can play mixed sets of acoustic and electric, blues, rock, and jazz. They have the chops, the sensibilities, and the repertoire to entertain at appropriate dining, listening, dancing, or concert levels. This is a great live band that comprises cross-pollinated longtime bandmates who share a ton of experience playing together in front of audiences (and in studios) spanning cities, counties, states and provinces. The band loves working with sound engineers, but can also deploy self-contained, armed with a small but mighty PA system sufficient to accommodate small to medium venues. ,
Photo of The Fat Fridays

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A great live band that started in the studio

The Fat Fridays started in the summer of 2014 as a recording project; something that musicians could do in the afternoon without interfering with gigs. These guys play in a doezn bands, so gigs are rare.

About the Musicians

Mark Dodge (guitars vocals): veteran multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and reformed road warrior, Mark was a full-time touring musician in the 70s and 80s, playing MTV rock and classic country (AND western!) music on stages from Deadwood to Honolulu. Mark now produces recordings at his Big Quack studio, plays fretless bass in Swingnuts Jazz, and plays guitar and bass in Cascadiacs. Andy Carr (keys, vocals): Keyboardist, vocalist, and one of the finest accompanists on the planet! A 38-year veteran of the Puget Sound music scene, Andy has worked with vocalists, choirs, and musical theater as an arranger; and performs as a first-call jazz pianist in small combos to big bands. He performs with TimE3 Jazz, Swingnuts Jazz, Seabreeze Jazz Band, the A’Town Big Band, and is a founding member of Tangoheart, the Northwest’s premier tango ensemble. James Clark (bass, vocals): One of the most sought-after players in the Seattle area, James appears on the album "SuperHeavy" with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A.R. Rahman. James has shared stages with Bo Diddley, Peaches & Herb, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Natalie Cole, Paul Gilbert, Albert Collins, and, we kid you not ... Howie Mandel. James and Mark spent years on the road together back in the 80s. Don Kellogg (drums, vocals): Don Kellogg is a 50-year veteran of the local and national music scene. A former member of the U.S. Navy Band and the Cascade Symphony, Don has played every kind of music, all over the country. He sings and plays drums in The Fat Fridays; plays bass, guitar, and harmonica in Cascadiacs; plays bass in Cookie and the Cutters; and plays all of the above (plus keys) on his own original recordings, many of which have been played on radio and TV. And he has a pro road case for damn near everything he owns. Jack Stafford (tenor & alto sax, flute): Jack is a first-call veteran on the Vancouver, BC music scene, and has backed up some of the greats, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Diana Krall, Colin James, and OMG, Red Skelton! We're thrilled to have Jack with us whenever he's available, with or without facial hair!
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